Create Your Gun Trust

Note, you have chosen to create a Gun Trust using a copyrighted form and while this trust form was created by lawyers it is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney, nor should be considered legal advice. It does not create an attorney client privilege. Your trust will be named using your last name and the word trust.

This Gun Trust is designed for all your firearms and it can be used to purchase as many NFA firearms (Title II) are legal to purchase, there are many benefits to including all of your firearms in this trust. Your state may have additional requirements to transfer firearms into this trust. This Gun Trust comes the ability to make an unlimited number of purchases of NFA and regular firearms with the condition that they are legal to purchase in your state.

This Gun Trust Form is copyrighted and while you are permitted to use it to purchase firearms and make applications with the BATFE, you are not permitted to give anyone who is not associated with the trust a copy, post a copy of this trust on the internet or by other electronic systems, recreate the trust, or attempt to circumvent the copyright. Willful copyright infringement creates liability of up to $150,000 + attorneys fees for each copy. The trust you will receive has been protected by US Copyright law and contains visible and non-visable watermarks that will allow it to be traced back to you. You agree that should litigation over this matter be necessary, the prevailing party shall be entitle to attorneys fees and costs.

If these terms and conditions are not acceptable, do not submit this page. Submission of this page signifies your agreement to be bound by these terms and your agreement that any cause of action shall be brought in the State or Federal Courts in Duval County Florida.

  • Grantor / Settlor's Information

    This is typically your information and should be the creator of the trust. This person will automatically become an authorized user so there is no need to add them to the Co-Trustee section below. If you want to include a middle initial, include it after the First Name.
  • This is not the COUNTRY as in United States or USA, but the County within your state!
  • Additional Co Trustee Information (authorized users of the firearms)

    NOTE: Does anyone other than you know the combination to the gun safe, have access to where these items will be stored, or are there others you want to be able to use the firearms with or without you being present? If so, please provide their Legal names.

    With this trust you can have 3 additional authorized users or co-Trustees over the age of 18.

    All Trustees will be required to certify that they are not a prohibited person under federal and state law before accepting their role as a trustee.

    If you ever need to add more Trustees, you can purchase an amendment form at a later time. The Grantor / Settlor (typically you) is automatically a Trustee and does not need to be added to this list.

  • Who do you want to receive the items after you die?

    NOTE: You may not choose yourself as a beneficiary

    It is ok to have a minor as a beneficiary as this trust allows the a successor trustee to wait until the child reaches the age of 25 and then determines

    • 1) if any or all of the firearms are legal in the state where the beneficiary lives,
    • 2) if the Beneficiary is legal to own or possess the firearms (are they not a prohibited person), and
    • 3) if the Beneficiary is mature and responsible enough that you would want them to have the firearms.
    • If the Successor Trustee decides that the Beneficiary is not appropriate when you pass away, the Successor Trustee can decide to wait more time or decide that a Beneficiary should never have them.

      If you want multiple beneficiaries please separate the names with commas and punctuation to complete the following sentence. After I die I want ______________ to receive the trust property.

  • Separate multiple Beneficiaries with commas.
    Must name a person or entity that is living at the time this document is created.
  • Who will manage the trust if you are unable to or die?

    This person is referred to as a Successor Trustee.

    NOTE: You can choose the beneficiary as the successor trustee, but some of the safeguards are lost by choosing the same person. If a beneficiary is a minor, you should consider choosing a responsible, gun friendly adult to serve in this role who can determine if, when, and at what age your beneficiary is appropriate to receive the items in your Gun Trust.